Suffolk County Police Department:
Secure your future and ours.

The challenge was to encourage more diversity in applicants to the Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD).

Studies have shown that when public servants more closely match the communities they serve, outcomes improve either because the public servants themselves act differently or because beneficiaries respond to them differently. For police forces across the country, the need is urgent since almost 75% of officers are white.


So how do we encourage more diverse candidates to apply to the SCPD?

We have their current diverse officer population tell their stories directly to the potential recruits themselves. We know from research that even small changes to how an opportunity is framed can significantly change who engages and when. Analysis and campaign is ongoing, but at only a month into campaign, registered recruits are up by 22%. We couldn’t be happier and neither can the SCPD.


The officers tell their stories. 

Detective Ross weighs-in.

You don’t have to be big to be strong. 

A word from their Commissioner.

Facebook Carousel

Using the officers own words, we were able to create an engaging way of showcasing each officer and the diversity already within the department by using Facebook’s Carousel design. With this style, we showcased the individuality of each officer and their experience within the police department, all while maintaining a central idea and story of the campaign: reaching out to like minded individuals with similar goals, ideals and dreams and enlisting them to join the department to better themselves and their communities.

Individual carousel images used existing diversity within the police staff to inspire potential applicants to chase their dreams of joining the force.

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