“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare


The launch of a new brand, with apologies to Shakespeare.

We were challenged with the task of educating the consumer regarding a name change. In this case, negative reputation equity in their current name out-weighed the positive changes this community hospital had made.

Our approach was this; the improvements dictated the need for a new name. They didn’t change the name for a quick reputation fix. They changed their name to bring it to the level of their improvements. Consumer, take notice.


The LI Community Hospital Brand Story: Behind the Scenes

Amplifying the brand story with broadcast, print & digital.


This campaign was all about the pairings…and not the cheese and wine kind. We used pairings like: “From train conductors to orchestra conductors,” “From captains of industry to captains of the fire department,” to describe the varied community LI Community Hospital serves.

As the closing takeaway we developed, “Your community. Your hospital.” giving the consumer back ownership and respect for their Community hospital.